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Greetings fellow drummers, it’s almost been a year now that I have been blogging for CM and I haven’t yet featured any new percussion products or gadgets.
In my years of playing the drums, I have seen some pretty cool ideas and accessories for the drum kit. Such things as stick holders, drink holders, drum stick tape, drum rugs, etc….
But one of the coolest ideas I was introduced to recently was the “Head Scratcher Snare Drum” created by educator Wes Crawford with the company Baltimore Drums.
The snare heads are reversed with the wires now being placed on the batter side. This allows one to scratch, slide, tap the wires and the head resulting in some creative sounds.
As well, Wes has added a muffle pad and the use of a small cymbal to create unique effects.
I had a chance to meet Wes a few years ago at a PASIC show in Indianapolis. He has many great innovative ideas.
Enough said on my end. Check out this video for a full demo by Wes. (Head Scratcher Drum Demo)

More about Wes Crawford.

Wes considers education to be an important link to the future of the percussive arts and teaches drum set privately and at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. He also performs in school assemblies with Cindy Rosenberg’s Mosaic, which provided the musical instruction and curriculum for the 2000 Maryland Artist/Teacher Institute. Wes is the director of the Drumset and Percussion Camp, a part of the annual Goucher Summer Arts Institute. His latest projects are the Head Scratcher Snare Drum as well as his interactive “A Rhythmic Murder Mystery” DVD, which he also performs live, and the “Wes Crawford’s Drumset Play-Along DVD”. Wes is also the leader of Enviro Drum Maryland USA.
Wes is currently serving as President of the MD/DE chapter of the Percussive Arts Society.

Wes proudly endorses drums by Baltimore Drum, Dream Cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, and ProLogix Percussion.

Mid-Atlantic Drum Shop (Keith Larsen’s drum shop in Baltimore is where the drum can be bought or special ordered) link-

Dream Cymbals And Gongs link-

NOMO Finish Protectors (which I use as a “Super Muffler”) link-


Wes Crawford’s Educational products –

Educational music media-

Drum camp for teenagers-

Enviro Drum Maryland USA-

See you soon.
Jeff Salem (A.K.A.) Noise Organizer

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