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Brad King’s “WhackBamThudd” Drumming Event 2014

(Brad King hosting WhackBamThudd)

About 10 years ago a piano instructor asked me if I would be her special guest for her student’s recital. She wanted me to perform for about 20 minutes and basically entertain her audience with stories and percussion performances with some audience interaction.

She had over 50 students crammed into a two-hour session with each playing a short song or two that would last about 60 seconds. The venue was held in a basement of a church with bright fluorescent lights and the atmosphere was cold. She wanted me to close off the event and the reason of having me there was to hopefully encourage all the parents and students to wait around and catch my show and keep them motivated. I would say about 90% of them did stick around.

In her past recitals she was always challenged with the fact that mostly every parent would leave right after their kid’s performance making it not fair for any students who performed later in the set. I told her that I do these types of events with a live band in a club and title it “Student Concert Performance”.

This way everybody gets to benefit. Parents get a concert and see not only their child perform but everybody else of all ages and levels. A good venue is important, it should have a stage, lights, P.A. good seating and be comfortable for the folks.

These days with technology changing every minute we have to keep our students motivated. Well let me introduce you to Brad King (educator, clinician, drummer) who has successfully accomplished these goals. Not only does he host a student concert performance, he turns it into a weekend drumming event with guest clinicians, prizes and more in an incredible theatre setting. “WHACK BAM THUDD” is the title of his cool student concert. Here is what Brad has to share for this coming 2014 event.

whack poster official

WhackBamThudd 2014

WhackBamThudd ! Unlike most educators, Brad King(Studio,

Educator, Performer) takes every opportunity possible to push his

students into a performing scenario. The uniqueness of this event is

the combination of amateur & professional musicians performing

together. Creating a spirit of unification in the drumming/music

community in Saskatoon, Canada . The annual ‘recital’ (15 years

old) is now in its third year using a completely live format. Audiences

will see amateur and professional drummers and musicians

performing live music choices from country, rock, metal and

Polynesian and Latin rhythms! The theme for the song choices this

year was Billboard #1 songs from 1960-1999. Students had a blast

researching these different eras. Full production, lighting, staging

complete with sound check is part of the whole experience! There

are also some surprises. YAMAHA artists Mark Kelso, Jeff Salem &

Brad King will be playing together and integrating with the band and

students. Brad insists that the student performers experience all of

this to illuminate the awesome life of being a performing drummer. Previously, the involvement of Dom Famularo(co host for

WhackBamThudd 2012 and 2013) encouraged and enabled Brad

to make it bigger! Better! Aligning with incredible educators, as well

as players, was an essential ingredient. This is why Mark and Jeff

were the perfect choice! This years event is sponsored by and truly

made possible by the following companies; YAMAHA drums, SABIAN

cymbals, VIC FIRTH sticks, REMO drumheads, LP percussion, SHURE

microphones, HUDSON music, MODERN DRUMMER magazine,

PAISTE cymbals, HEADHUNTERS sticks, EVANS drumheads!


(Brad King & Dom Famularo have a great performance moment)

Here is a link to his bio.

Here is a link to a sample of what you will see and hear at WhackBamThudd

Live student concert performances is the way to go. Have a great month.

Jeff Salem A.K.A. Noise Organizer

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