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Greetings fellow drummers, I hope you are all enjoying your summer. My good friend Dave Rundle the owner and designer of Headunters Drum Sticks turned me on to his latest creation. “Crossovers”.

This cool stick combines the best of both worlds with the use of a traditional drum stick and bundled rods. I have found this to be such a great addition to my stick bag. Below is a description of this product and it’s variations.

Here is a video link to my demo.


Crossovers and Crossovers II
Crossovers combine the concept of bundled rods with that of a regular drum stick. After lathing the unique shaped shaft of the Crossover, a centre hole is drilled down to a bulb area. An insert material, polypropylene or bamboo rods are glued into the hole. The stick is gripped with ‘Grip Control’ which features a double textured ‘X’ pattern feel. An adjustable ‘O’ Ring fitted around the bundled rod end can be positioned to create different percussive sound options.
The profile of the Crossovers also features a ‘bulb’ area just under the bundled rods. This is solid wood and therefore when stuck on the cymbal or bell will produce a clear bell or cymbal tone, not the wash of a bundled rod. The bundled bamboo area can access the sounds you can expect from other popular bundled rods plus…………..when the dynamics go beyond their expected range, Crossovers have far more reach. Traditional drum strokes such as rim shots and cross sticking are completely within the sound expectations of normal drum sticks. Thereby increasing the overall dynamic range and soundscapes available in one drum stick, making
Crossovers a must have in every stick bag.

Crossovers are available in 2 models and Crossovers II are available in 3 models.
Crossovers Bamboo
Larger diameter maple shaft features a bamboo insert; our bamboo selection includes the ‘outer skin’ of the bamboo stalk. This adds incredible strength and rebound.
Crossovers Poly
Feature a poly insert and have a quieter and softer bundled rod sound.
Crossovers II
Crossovers II use the same designs are the regular Crossovers but the diameter size has been reduced to that of a 5B.
Crossovers Bamboo
Use a hickory drumstick and larger semi round bamboo with the outer skin intact.
Crossovers Bamboo Light
Use a maple drumstick and lighter smaller flat bamboo with the outer skin intact.
Crossovers Poly
Use a maple drumstick and poly rods.

Enjoy these great sticks and visit


Jeff Salem A.K.A Noise Organizer

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