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STRIKE ZONE by Wes Crawford


Greetings fellow drummers, in my 20 plus years of teaching drums I have always found it a challenge to get beginner students to be consistent with their snare strokes. Whether they are playing a nice solid back beat aiming for the center of the snare to playing nice orchestral rolls and finding all the sweet dynamic spots on the head. We also can’t forget the proper stick placement for playing a cross stick.

Well my friends the solution is here. My good friend Wes Crawford, drummer, instructor, educator and leader of Enviro Drum Maryland has come up with the “Strike Zone”. Here is what Wes has to say of his product.

Wes Crawford Homepage Photo

“I developed the Strike Zone in order to help students learn where to strike the snare drum to best achieve various tones and dynamics. It is a simple and inexpensive solution that is designed to be used as a stencil where the student can trace out the various zones and dynamics on the drum head using anything from a light pencil to a permanent marker. The template may be used over and over as heads wear out and are changed. Some students even like to tape the stencil to the head for more feedback regarding accuracy and to muffle the drum’s sound! I notice that students will often zero in on the Focus Zone even when I don’t first explain what the markings are for!

Here is a video demo of this product.

It can be purchased at:

The Strike Zone is a great addition for any student. For more information on Wes please visit his website.

Catch you all next time

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